I have a true affiliation with Kidscape having raised just over £200,000 for them during The 401 Challenge. The work they do to combat the issues of bullying across all areas within the UK is incredible. Their vision is simple, they believe that all children should be able to grow up in a world free from bullying and abuse, and that all adults should keep children safe and help them to reach their full potential.

Their mission is to ensure children live in a safe and nurturing environment. By providing training, support and advice to children, parents, schools and those in professional contact with young people, they enable them to gain knowledge and develop the confidence and skills to challenge abuse and bullying in all its forms.

"Ben is an amazing role model for anyone who feels that their life has been blighted by bullying. He has shown us so clearly that you do not have to remain a victim, that you can recover and regain your life. Ben's achievements are beyond heroic and they show people around the world that you can achieve anything, that you can be true to yourself. Every step he's taken will help Kidscape to prevent all forms of bullying and protect children by teaching them life-changing skills." Claude Knights (Chief Executive Officer)

Claude adds, "Ben is a true hero and we are so proud to have him as a Kidscape ambassador. He exemplifies the values that underpin our mission and inspires all who come into contact with him, helping to raise their confidence and self-esteem. We look forward to working with him for many years to come."

When asked to be an ambassador for this amazing charity I jumped at the chance and am looking forward to working closely with Kidscape in the coming years on a subject I am extremely passionate about.

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