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Motivational speaking should be just that, motivational! It should be inspirational, relevant and should engage with audiences across a number of areas. With a large number of motivational talks already under our belt, across lots of different sectors and age groups, the feedback has been just that, positive.

Ben is different when he talks, he speaks from the heart, doesn't use visual aids or powerpoint presentations. His talks are aimed at the audience he is talking to and due to the areas his life story covers he can always find a way to engage his audience in a positive way making them think differently about things.

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Having come from a corporate background myself, I have been to many events, functions and conferences and listened to motivational speakers talk about their experiences and how this can radically change the way I am going to work moving forward if I only adopt their view. Everyone seems to have an answer to a question that most of us struggle with.

I think its fair to say I have a little experience in raising money!

In fact, I started with no knowledge at all along with no understanding of the charitable sector. Over the past few years I have grown in knowledge and experience, learnt new creative ways in which to drive fundraising for projects I'm truly passionate about.

Schools are by far one of the most influential places we attend in our lifetimes. What happens to us here plays a huge part in definingĀ our existence, our future, whether this is good or bad.

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